15th December 2017

Your Essential Checklist For The Launch Of Your Online Store

So, you’ve finally got your online store how you want it. It’s launching day, and you are all ready to go, everything is perfect! Or is it?

It’s completely normal to think that you’ve forgotten something, or maybe you think something’s missing. Either way, we have compiled a list of important things that you should just double check before you launch your online store (just to be sure everything actually is ready)


1. Have you added your domain name to your store?
Sometimes the simplest things can be forgotten, so if you haven’t added your domain yet then purchase one (if you haven’t yet) and be sure to add it to your store. If you’re struggling to think of a domain name, or maybe you want to see if you can think of something better then read our article on domain names here.


2. Added any sales channels?

Platforms like Shopify provide sales channels that you can add to your business, which can help with things like tracking orders, products and customers all from within your admin space.


3. Have you made sure that payment is working?

Before traffic gets driven to your store, be sure that people can actually complete a purchase. You can always place an order first, and then refund it later just to make sure it works properly.


4. Have you added pages?

Having static pages available for visitors to go through are important because often people want to see pages like contact, about, shipping information, returns and exchanges, privacy policy, and frequently asked questions.


5. Gone through your email settings?

Customising experiences through email can be a good way to reach out to customers once they’ve already visited your store. Having a subscription list, and contacting customers with future discounts etc. are good ways to gain recurring business. Apps like Picreel and Mailchip are great to start off with.


6. Have you checked your spelling and grammar?

Get someone else to read through your site just to be sure you haven’t missed something. Sometimes if you’ve been looking at the same thing for so long, you don’t realise that there’s a mistake right in front of you, so it’s important to get your feedback through someone else or even an app like Grammarly which can also check for you.


7. How are your images looking?

If your photos aren’t set for working on web, then be sure to optimise any images you plan to use so that they aren’t slow when they load.


8. Have you set up analytics?

If you want valuable insight into who visits your store, as well as who purchases from your store, then you need an analytics tool. You can get one through platforms like Shopify, or even using Google Analytics could be a good option too.


9. Got a marketing plan?

Having a customer base before you even launch your store is pretty crucial otherwise your launch may go unnoticed by the people you want to target. It is also important to have an overall business plan for after your launch so you know where you want your business to be in 1-5 years time.


10. Have you adjusted your tax and shipping rates?

Ensure that your rates are set appropriately for each product or service you’re providing.


11. Where are the current emails hosted?

Make sure that when you repoint a domain to your Shopify store that the emails will still work. Some hosting companies, such as Hostgator, let you add email accounts to your domain via the old site's Cpanel. That's fine, but when you repoint your domain to Shopify the emails may or may not be still active. Domain companies such as Godaddy give you all kinds of control over these issues with their DNS Manager.



If you are using ALL CAPS in your product titles and product descriptions, then if you want to add Facebook to your channels then they will not like the ALL CAPITAL LETTERS. Not sure why, but you’ll most likely need to go back into your products and make them Upper And Lower Case.


13. Have you identified your customer base?
This links in with having a pre-launch marketing plan, but there are so many people in the world it may be hard to think of what audience you are aiming at. Understanding your customer’s age, sex, interests.. and more are important in targeting the kinds of people you want to sell to.


14. Are you moving, if so then do your links work?

Are you moving from a different platform (e.g Wix, Squarespace, Storenvy or Bigcartel) to maybe start with a different platform like Shopify, make sure your site redirects to the proper site and that all links work.


15. Have you thought about a launch party?

You’ve got all elements of your store in line and it’s time to launch, why not celebrate it! Having a grand opening party of your new site could be a great way to invite new customers in and engage with them! Maybe do a live video on Facebook or Instagram of you launching your store, and ask your visitors for feedback on what they like most about your business. Have fun with it!


We hope that this checklist helped, and hopefully you have all your essential launch items checked off the list! If you have any questions about Shopify or any of the other apps mentioned, then please feel free to contact us. Here at Zain Digital we are more than happy to help you with any website related advice, or even help you with creating your own website. Feel free to contact us now at:

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