15th December 2017

Things To Know Before Deciding On A Domain

Are you struggling with brainstorming a domain for your website? Are all the good domains taken? Have no idea where to start? By going through this quick check list of handy tips for selecting a perfect domain, you’ll be able to find something effective for your business.


    1.    Could you remember it?

The domain name that you choose is the equivalent to becoming the face of your company in the form of a web address. But how do you make it actually sound like a brand?

If you avoid using hyphens (or anything that is too complicated to remember) and keep it simple and memorable then you’ve got yourself a winner. Think of existing brands, like Uber. Their domain name is uber.com, rather than ‘uber-4-u.com’ or ‘uber-please-take-me-home.com’. By keeping it short, easy to remember and straight to the point, they have created a simple yet effective domain name for their business. Another thing that may hinder someone finding your site, is that it could be really similar to someone else’s. People can often get things like that confused, and if they can, Google can too. It is important to make sure that your brand stands out just like you want it too, and isn’t too close to another business name otherwise a) it could infringe on trademarking, and b) people will get it too confused and won’t be able to find you efficiently.


    2.    Do you have to spell it out for people?

If people often misspell your domain name because it’s too hard to figure out, all of the potential traffic you could be getting, is now lost. A lot of people don’t have time (and most likely can’t be bothered) to try and find your business if they have to attempt to spell it 17 different ways just to find your site. They’ll eventually give up, and take their business elsewhere. If you make your domain simple enough for people to find you, then you’re taking a positive step in the right direction. It’s important to remember that even though you’ve found what you believe to be the perfect name for your business, it needs to be easy enough for others to remember too because they’ll be the ones that will need to find you. For example, if you want your domain name for your sock company to be more than 20 letters long, then people probably won’t know how to spell and/or utilise your services because they won’t be able to find you.


    3.    Is it too short?

Keeping your domain short can have a more memorable impact on someone, over a domain that includes 5 words and a few hyphens. Having a short domain can be good, but then again, if your domain name is too short then there could be issues. An example could be that you wanted the domain funkyscarves.com but it’s taken, so you want to go with funksca.com.   From this new domain, people will have no idea what that means and will think that your domain was a mistake because half of the word is hacked off. So, finding a balance is crucial when thinking about keeping your domain short, but not short to the point where the name doesn’t work.


    4.    What extension are you after?

People generally just assume a .com after typing out the name of a brand. Although having a .com extension is quite common, a lot more brands are straying from it due to the never ending list of extension possibilities that are out there in this day and age. There are plenty of successful sites that use a different extension (zain.digital for example), and as long as the extension word is related to your brand, it can often be a better option especially if the .com option is taken.


    5.    Can you expand on/with it?

If you have a wide range of interests, and want every single one to be a part of your new domain then you might want to try and narrow it down as much as you can so then there is room for expansion. If you decide to choose a domain name like funkyscarveshatssocksbootsjumpers.com which incorporates all the key words that you want, then it will be extremely difficult for people to find you because they might not be able to remember all the words, be able to put the words in order or even be confused because there are so many words involved. If you decide to go with funkyscarves.com then you have room to use funkyhats.com, funkysocks.com, funkyboots.com etc. but you will need to make sure each domain is available, so if you plan to expand in the future, it could be a good idea to lock in the domain names now so then in a year or so, you won’t need to change all your plans because some of the domains could be taken.


    6.    Is it available on social media?

When you finally have the perfect name, you will need to be sure it’s not taken on social media. A good site you can use to check is: https://namechk.com/ which if you type in your desired name, will show you what domains as well as user names are used/not used under the name you provide. By having a consistent name over all of your platforms, it solidifies your brand name in people’s memory and will ensure that they will remember you. A good tip is that even if you don’t think you will use a specific social media platform, you should sign up for it anyway just in case you want it in the future. It is easier to make the account while it’s free and available, rather than when it’s taken and you can’t really do too much about it.


    7.    Am I over thinking this?

It is really easy to get caught up in all the information and not be able to commit to a domain name because you’re afraid of choosing the wrong one. Some difficulties may have come up over the process like you can’t find an available .com extension, you don’t know what other extension would work, you don’t know how else to rearrange the words/letters to make it fit, etc. At this point you could either make a guess and register a domain name to use temporarily and once you have the perfect one then you can just change it and register something else instead. Another option could be to talk to a friend or colleague and get some extra opinions on what they think, because it can be overwhelming doing it all by yourself.


We hope that all of these tips helped you find your perfect domain name! If these tips didn’t help you think of a successful domain or you’ve now got too many ideas and aren’t too sure which one to go with - Then please feel free to contact us here at Zain Digital. We’d love to help you with all your brand needs, including helping you decide on the perfect domain, work with you to build a website or even team up to figure out the perfect brand message for your business. Feel free to contact us at:

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