The easy way to turn your business into a brand through online marketing.

Do you think that creating a brand out of your business would take too much money, time and know-how? It’s actually a whole lot easier to include in your online marketing than you may anticipate.

Here’s a To Do list of simple things you can implement in your internet marketing to turn your business into a brand that customers recognise and love:

  • Create a great email signature – have all your contact details and links available to anyone you make contact with by email. Add a tag line that your reader relates to and appreciates.
  • Use the correct branding across all of your business – your cars, flyers, email, website, signage, brochures, banners etc. to avoid confusion for your prospects and clients.
  • Ensure consistency in your content, logo, colours and layout – so that no matter what your customers see or read, they recognise your business name.
  • Make sure what you say matches what you do. Create your own style of communication and make it part of the way you speak to customers every time they connect with you. Most importantly, do what you say you’re going to do.
  • Become a guest on Blogs – share other’s expertise and add to the conversation to demonstrate your enthusiasm and expertise. Where possible, include your logo as well.
  • Share on Social Media appropriately. Don’t try to sell when you create blogs and posts. The focus is on being social, be engaging and entertaining to build relationships.
  • Be the Expert - Give loads of information and ideas or provide solutions and become known as the go to person in your business field.
  • Be interested in your audience. Make your blog topics interesting and engaging so people keep coming back to your website. Focus on what they want to know and understand.

Some of these steps may seem very simple. By applying these strategies to your online marketing, you can establish your business as the place to go to for the information, products and service your customers are looking for. Your business brand becomes synonymous with the quality they desire.

Creating this level of awareness is just as important for your internet marketing when your audience isn’t buying from you. Online marketing is about building a long-term relationship and keeping your business name in their minds. It makes it easier for them to refer others to you because your name is consistently linked with the products and services you provide.

Not sure if these steps work? Just check out some of the most famous and memorable brands - they are highly likley to have implemented many or most of the above points.