15th December 2017

Consider These 5 Things Before Choosing Between Facebook Ads or Google AdWords

There are several factors to consider when you must select one advertising channel over the other, and it can be confusing to figure out which one would be the most beneficial for your company. Here is a list of things you may need to think about before you sign up with either Facebook Advertising or Google AdWords*

*When we mention Google AdWords, we’ll mainly be talking about their search product so please be mindful of that.


Your Budget:

Google AdWords’ CPC (cost per click) is more often than not, more expensive than the CPC of Facebook ads. Looking at AdEspresso, the average CPC for Facebook Ads in the US was $0.28 in Q3 of 2016. Conversely, Google AdWords search average CPC was $2.32 according to WordStream. Therefore, on average, Facebook ads were approximately 88% cheaper than AdWords in 2016. So if you have a monthly advertising budget of less than $1000, it would be a better option for you to run Facebook ads, because Google AdWords may be too expensive for your budget requirements.


Define The Objective:

It is important to consider what you’re hoping to achieve through your marketing strategies. Facebook ads would be a better option if your objective is to increase awareness for your brand. Facebook ads can help you target those with a current or unknown need for your product or service. Google AdWords on the other hand, could work better if you want to generate sales. With AdWords, a user is searching what your business is selling, which would most likely mean they are likely to want to purchase what you are offering. If you are looking to capture users in the moment of looking to purchase a product or service, Google AdWords would be your best bet due to the high level of intent from your audience.


How Much Recognition Do You Have?

If you are a brand new company that just started up, then you are most likely not well known and may be less successful in relation to ‘search results’ in comparison to a more established company in your industry. In this specific scenario, your competitors have a lot more recognition than you do, probably because they’ve been around longer, have more brand loyalists, have had more customers and more reviews than you etc. It is important to consider where you company fits in the marketplace hierarchy. You may need to start with Facebook ads in order to build your brand reputation and gain a solid recognition before you head to using AdWords which may help generate more sales once your brand has gained the reputation it needs.


Who is your audience?

If you are trying to market to a wide generalised audience, you are most likely not going to gain the best results that you’re hoping for. It is important to understand that the more specific you are with your targeting, the more likely it is that people will resonate with you adverts. Creating a persona for your ideal customer can be a good way to visualise and actually see who it is that you are aiming to reach. It is also really important to understand who it is that you’re marketing towards. Are you a small organisation that wants to reach out to people who may not have heard of your business, or maybe you’re a part of a large company who are trying to drive more sales through the people who may already know their business. Facebook Ads are a good way to reach out in terms of making other people aware of who you are, and starting smaller, whereas Google Adwords might be better suited to you if you have a larger audience/following of customers and will help you get leverage if you’re looking to capture people in the moment of looking to purchase a product/service.


Consider the Demographics:

If your business revolves around specific life events, for example becoming recently engaged, having a baby or reaching a certain age (Medicare Insurance for over 65+ years old), then Facebook advertising would be able to suit your needs better than Google AdWords. Facebook ads are able to precisely target people in ways that Adwords may not be able to reach as effectively. If you have a offer that appeals to larger audiences, then your advertisement is better suited through AdWords and even though it isn’t as precise, it will still be able to reach many people.


Now that you know a little bit more about Facebook ads and Google AdWords, we hope you can figure out which platform to use when choosing what is best for your company. Here at Zain Digital, we offer services which are able to help you figure out which way to advertise would be best, as well as help you actually start the advertising process. Feel free to contact us with any Lead Generation enquires, and we can help you ensure that your marketing strategy is up to scratch.

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